General Information About Shaekhawati

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In Rajasthan, amazing heroic stories, rich culture and tradition deeply rooted in the customs of the people of the land lies. About the Rajasthan royal havelis, forts and exquisite golden sands of the desert and diverse wildlife, including the palaces is to offer something unique to tourists. In the region of Shekhawati is quite attractive and popular and traditional arts and crafts its painted havelis, all commendable pieces of the wealth of the region to “open art gallery” is known as. Most of the havelis date back to the 18th century and 20th century and feature walls and ceilings decorated with different art forms. Some of the pictures depict mythological themes and images of large animals.

This semi-desert location consists of the areas of Jhunjunu and Sikar. There are a variety of interesting attractions in Shekhawati that have something amazing in shop for the vacationers and contain Mandawa and Nawalgarh. Besides, there are a variety of other interesting attractions that are also truly worth capturing a look of during the shorter activities and contain Jhunjhunu, Dundlod, Fatehpur, Ramgarh, Lakshmangarh, Sikar and Mukundgarh. You will also come across a variety of fortifications, modest fortifications, mosques, phase water wells known as baoris and chattris (cenotaphs) on your trip. The style of Rajput art and lifestyle powerful mainly on the reports of the people while the Marwaris pointed out on the spiritual factors in their art and design opportunities.

Shekhawati is also famous for some of the best handmade items works of Rajasthan and the work, remarkably done on document and material would definitely be among the best purchases. The created and ornamented boxes, seats, cradles, low furniture, and seats would pleasure the looking fans and memorabilia seeker.

If you want to more information about Shekhawati by browsing through the site, which offers helpful tourist information on the other tourist places of Rajasthan.

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